Artisan Jewelry Handcrafted in Vermont 

Engagement Rings Handcrafted by Matthew Taylor Designs

From the moment she sees the little box you've been hiding, her heart will flutter, her breath will quicken, her mind will race. The engagement ring is a powerful thing. It is your young love, brought into the world as your very own star. Your engagement ring should be a beautiful, physical reminder of what you mean to each other. Each Matthew Taylor Designs engagement ring is unique. Each is an eternal symbol of that young love. Your ring will be with you and your lover, and with your family forever.  

Matthew carefully hand selects each stone in his inventory. During your individual consultations, he will discuss your needs, examine stones with you, and help you choose the right gems for your ring. He will also explain the 4 C's - Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.


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