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A Good Days Work.

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Brianne Taylor

After many hours spent in the studio building and crafting fly fishing rods, Matthew was finally able to get out and put them to work this week.  We are so lucky to live in such a great state with amazing fishing spots just around the corner.  So with the weather finally turning, he set out to give his latest rod a test drive.  No fish came home with him, but he had a great time trying!







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Matthew has been working in a new medium...Cherry Wood

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Brianne Taylor

With the growing interest and passion behind Matthew's fishing rod and damascus steel knives we needed to find a new home for them in the shop.  Going out and purchasing a case would just be too simple and predictable, so in traditional Matthew style he decided he would design and build a case for them to be displayed in.  


With a custom carved fish including an inlay eye made of bone, no detail was left behind.  

Now is the fun part of filling the case with custom and handmade fishing rods, knives and all the other toys Matthew enjoys creating when he isn't designing and making jewelry.  Stop by and see what he has made, it might just be the gift you are looking for the Man in your life.


See you at the studio!

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A master craft and a passion...

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Brianne Taylor

Matthew is lucky enough to have a career that allows him to combine both his amazing talent and personal passions into many of his creations.  Take this wedding band for instance...



For those who don't know, when Matthew is not at his studio creating custom jewelry for his loyal customers he loves finding a stream or secret spot to get some fly fishing in.  Now, with two kids at his side he may not get as much fishing time in as he would like, but I know there will be a day when he will have plenty of time with a fly rod in his hands again.  


When he had a customer request a wedding band for her soon to be husband that incorporated a fish, he jumped at the chance to create this amazing trout spinning ring.  It is hard to see from the photo, but this ring is comprised of two parts, an inner band and an outer band that is in the shape of a trout, the trout rotates around the inner band to create what Matthew refers to as a "spinner" ring.  


As you can see, Matthew's passion for fly fishing is greatly reflected in this one of a kind piece.  

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