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A Sneak Peek

Posted on September 19, 2013 by Matthew Taylor
Matthew's amazing carving skills are at it once again!  For those who haven't seen the very cool process of wax carving/casting before, the images above are a wax carving of the Hotei Buddha that Matthew finished up last week.  He is approximately 3/4" tall and has been sent off to the caster to be molded and casted in Sterling Silver.  Matthew was able to capture an incredible amount of detail in this very small replica.  The wax carving and casting process is a great way to create pretty much anything you can imagine in a metal form.  Matthew has mastered the skill quite well over many, many years of practice.  
The Hotei buddha is known as the laughing or "happy" buddha, this little guy was introduced to us by Tracy Appleton and will be worn as a pendant.  Much like our Buddha Love pendant this pendant was a collaboration between Tracy and Matthew with the intention to share compassion to those around us.  
Stay tuned for photos of the finished product!!

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