Artisan Jewelry Handcrafted in Vermont 

Our Custom Jewelry Process



Whether it’s a ring, pendant or bracelet Matthew will first carve the design out of wax, creating a model which will go on to be casted in the metal of choice. Matthew does this by using a combination of our Gemvision Revo 4 milling machines and hand carving to create the design and all details required to complete the piece. This includes space for stone setting, texture, and any other design detail desired.


Wax Model Viewing: 

Once Matthew completes the wax carved model, he invites you to review it to ensure it is exactly what you're looking for. This allows the client a chance to make any minor adjustments needed.



Once the wax has been approved, the jewelry is now set for casting. Matthew uses a family owned casting company located here in the United States. He mails the wax model to them overnight which then is casted at their facility with the highest quality of materials and returned to Matthew for final completion.


Casting detailing and polishing: 

When the casting is returned to Matthew it has a smooth but matte surface finish, and requires significant hand work to bring out the perfect finish of platinum, gold or silver. This is intricate work, and requires much skill and a fine eye for detail, as well as dedication to quality and craftsmanship. At this time, Matthew will also set any stones or diamonds to complete the design.

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