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The most important gift this Holiday Season.

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Brianne Taylor

For those who don't know, Matthew and I have two young daughters… Beatrice who is four and Penelope who is just 6months now.  We always figured being girls that at some point they would discover how lucky they are to have a Papa that makes jewelry!  For Beatrice this Christmas will be the year she will be able to appreciate her Papa's skills...



Like many other 4 year old girls, Disney Princesses are her favorites.  She watches their shows, has their dresses, coloring books, pajamas etc.  Sofia the First is one of her favorite of the princesses because she has a special Amulet that allows her to talk to animals.  The one thing she asked for this Christmas was an amulet just like Sofia's!  I knew Matthew could not only re-create this pendant, but make it even better than the real thing.  I sent him a photo I found online and he immediately got to work.  He hand carved the setting and had it casted in Sterling Silver to accommodate the large pear shaped Amethyst. He made sure to include spots for the three blue sapphires at the top and set the sapphires in 14K yellow yellow bezels.   Using a Sterling chain, he added amethyst beads just like the original.  Finishing it up with a real strong clasp to ensure it doesn't get lost!


Needless to say, she is definitely one lucky girl and I fear this is just the beginning of her love of jewelry :)


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Ready or not...

Posted on November 07, 2013 by Brianne Taylor


Whether you are ready or not...the Holiday Season is upon us!  Luckily, over here at Matthew Taylor Designs we have been preparing. Matthew has been hard at work on the bench getting lots of great pieces made to fill the shelves with.  Pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings in White gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and some silver too.  Any budget and in any style, we have what your loved ones are looking for.  Matthew is also available to make any custom one of a kind piece as well, if you have a vision - Matthew can make it happen in time for the Holidays.  



Don't forget, we also have our great Buddha Love necklaces available!  A great piece of jewelry with great meaning that supports such a great cause.  Proceeds going to the Cancer Patient Support group.  There is nothing better than being able to give a little extra to those in need, especially around the Holidays.


Call, stop by or send us an email.  Let us help you make your Holiday a special one!

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A master craft and a passion...

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Brianne Taylor

Matthew is lucky enough to have a career that allows him to combine both his amazing talent and personal passions into many of his creations.  Take this wedding band for instance...



For those who don't know, when Matthew is not at his studio creating custom jewelry for his loyal customers he loves finding a stream or secret spot to get some fly fishing in.  Now, with two kids at his side he may not get as much fishing time in as he would like, but I know there will be a day when he will have plenty of time with a fly rod in his hands again.  


When he had a customer request a wedding band for her soon to be husband that incorporated a fish, he jumped at the chance to create this amazing trout spinning ring.  It is hard to see from the photo, but this ring is comprised of two parts, an inner band and an outer band that is in the shape of a trout, the trout rotates around the inner band to create what Matthew refers to as a "spinner" ring.  


As you can see, Matthew's passion for fly fishing is greatly reflected in this one of a kind piece.  

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A Sneak Peek

Posted on September 19, 2013 by Matthew Taylor
Matthew's amazing carving skills are at it once again!  For those who haven't seen the very cool process of wax carving/casting before, the images above are a wax carving of the Hotei Buddha that Matthew finished up last week.  He is approximately 3/4" tall and has been sent off to the caster to be molded and casted in Sterling Silver.  Matthew was able to capture an incredible amount of detail in this very small replica.  The wax carving and casting process is a great way to create pretty much anything you can imagine in a metal form.  Matthew has mastered the skill quite well over many, many years of practice.  
The Hotei buddha is known as the laughing or "happy" buddha, this little guy was introduced to us by Tracy Appleton and will be worn as a pendant.  Much like our Buddha Love pendant this pendant was a collaboration between Tracy and Matthew with the intention to share compassion to those around us.  
Stay tuned for photos of the finished product!!

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A story worth sharing...

Posted on September 04, 2013 by Matthew Taylor

South Burlington Woman Partners with Matthew Taylor Designs of Shelburne to Create Project to Benefit the Cancer Patient Support Program


September 3, 2013:  A unique collaboration between Tracy Appleton from South Burlington and Matthew Taylor Designs in Shelburne will benefit cancer patients and their families throughout Vermont and upstate New York.  Little did Tracy Appleton know when she was working with designer Matthew Taylor to create a commemorative piece of jewelry for her daughter’s school that a new partnership would evolve.  Realizing how talented Matthew was, Tracy asked if he would be interested in carving a small wax interpretation of Buddha and casting three in silver with her niece's birthstones below the Buddha's hands to be worn as a pendant.  Matthew was willing and worked to create the small wax image of Buddha overnight.


Being so impressed, Tracy decided to act on a dream of a much bigger plan for the Buddha pendent.  Having attended Evening Song, the Cancer Patient Support Program’s (CPS) annual fundraiser for several years, Tracy was moved by stories of patients who had been helped by the program’s emergency funding and wanted to be able to use the peaceful Buddha image embodying  “love, light and compassion” to ensure that the fund would continue to be available. According to Tracy, "I wanted to create a Buddha Love jewelry line in partnership with Matthew Taylor Designs to benefit the Cancer Patient Support Program’s Emergency Fund by donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of the Buddha Love jewelry to help cancer patients throughout Vermont and upstate New York with financial assistance for housing, food, gas, medicine, and other basic needs during their treatments."


Sadly, during planning for the launch of the jewelry, Tracy's cousin Elizabeth lost her battle with cancer after a five year fight. Just 44 years old and the mother of three children, Elizabeth did not belong to any organized religion, but was drawn to the Buddha symbol that Tracy had shared with her and with others.  In fact, a large Buddha statue greeting visitors on the front porch of her home, and the jewelry she purchased and many pieces of clothing she wore displaying the peaceful Buddha.  With that in mind, Tracy presented her with a beautiful string of pink opals and rose quartz, Buddha blessed, Mala Beads along with a large picture of the Peaceful Buddha signed by many relatives and close friends.  The beads were never far from her from that moment on, and she asked that they always be placed under her pillow. And now, in her memory, the Buddha Love Necklaces will support the needs of other cancer patients served by the Cancer Patient Support Program. 


Necklaces can be ordered online at or purchased at his shop in Shelburne. In addition, the necklaces will be for sale at this year’s Evening Song gala to benefit CPS on Saturday, September 28th at the Robert E. Miller Center at the Champlain Valley Expo, 6 p.m.  Tickets to the event are available at and more information on the Cancer Patient Support Program  can be found at

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